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Death Wears Yellow Garters - Rae D. Magdon

Jay Venkatesan’s life was going pretty great. She had Nicole—her perfect new girlfriend—and her anxiety was mostly under control. But when Nicole’s grandfather dies under mysterious circumstances at his 70th birthday party, Jay is thrown into a tailspin. Her eccentric Aunt Mimi is determined to solve the mystery no matter what she thinks about it, and the police are eyeing Nicole as one of their prime suspects. No matter how often Jay insists that real life isn’t like one of her aunt’s crime novels, she finds herself dragged along for the ride as the mystery unravels and the shocking truth comes to light.

Journey To You   - AJ Adaire

What do you do if you are one of the few who remain alive after a mysterious, flu-like virus claims most of the global population? This is a question Kim Robins and Peri Henderson have to answer when the world changes and society falls apart.

Violent gangs of looters make it unsafe to remain in the city. Hoping to improve their chances for survival, Kim and Peri decide to hike into the remote forest area of Maine. 

Dangerous circumstances along the trail cause the women to join forces with another hiker and her dog. The longtime friends and their  new companions set off on a daunting trek filled with both menacing and kindhearted survivors. 

In this romantic adventure, the real question to be answered is, will this journey bring each of the women the happiness and safety she seeks? 

New Cuts, Old Wounds - S.L. Kassidy

(Scarred Series Book 2)

In this sequel to Scarred for Life, Nicole Cardell and Dane Wolfe have been together for a year. They are doing their best to move forward with their relationship and open up to each other. It’s time to meet family members. Dane’s nervous about meeting Nicole’s family, but she’s even more nervous about Nicole meeting her family. Nicole is eager for both. Nicole thinks Dane should bond with her family while Dane thinks she needs to get as far away from them as possible. The Wolfe family seems to agree with Dane, but keep inviting her to things and Nicole keeps accepting the invites. Will family make or break Dane and Nicole?

Coming in 2016

S.L. Kassidy - Bandages

Sy Intha - The Broken Coil (Glass Pantheon - Book 1)

BJ Phillips - Hurricane Season

C.A. Fallow - A Quantum Convergence (Nexus Trilogy - Bk . 1)

Kellie Doherty - Finding Hekate

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