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A Quantum UncertaintyAn Empty StoolFirst Degree BurnsLosing HoldDon't ForgetFur and Fangs (The Series)Lucky 7

A Quantum Uncertainty - C.A. Farlow

Snowbird Season - BJ Phillips

The Empty Stool - T.J. Whittle

First Degree Burns - S.L. Kassidy  

Don’t Forget - AJ Adaire

Losing Hold - Kellie Doherty

Fur and Fangs 8- Rae D. Magdon

Lucky 7 - Rae D. Magdon


Coming in 2018

Learning to Walk Again (Scarred Series - Book 5) by S.L. Kassidy

Musings of a Madwoman by Jazzy Mitchell

Fur and Fangs (continued episodes of the serial) by Rae D. Magdon

Warrior Class - Sky Cutter by S. L. Kassidy

Eclipsing the Sun (Dark Horizons - Book 3) by Rae D. Magdon & Michelle Magly

A Quantum Singularity (Nexus Trilogy - Book 3) by C.A. Farlow

Across A Crowded Room - by Jane Alden

Changing Seasons - BJ Phillips

Match Me - AJ Adaire

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