The Mirror's Gaze

The Mirror’s Gaze - The Amendyr Series Book 4 -

Rae D. Magdon


In the final book of the Amendyr series civil war has broken out in Amendyr. With undead monsters ravaging the land, an evil queen on Kalmarin’s white throne, and the kingdom’s true heir missing, Cathelin Raybrook and Ailynn Gothel must join forces to protect their homeland. They hope to gain the aid of the Liarre, a reclusive community of magical creatures, but some of their leaders are reluctant to join a war that isn’t theirs. Meanwhile, Lady Eleanor of Baxstresse thinks she’s safe across the border in Seria, but when a mysterious girl in white arrives in an abandoned carriage, she finds herself drawn into the conflict as well. Together, they must find the source of the evil queen’s power, and discover a way to destroy it before it’s too late.

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