A Quantum Uncertainty

A Quantum Uncertainty

A Quantum Uncertainty - C.A. Farlow

A Quantum Uncertainty continues the adventures of Lauren and Alex. Alex struggles to roundup all the members of Hebridean conspiracy and isolate its leaders. Lauren prepares to become Bhean chéile agus comh-rialóir Fuar Ćala – Consort and co-ruler. But she is still plagued by nightmares since her healing and feelings of abandoning her friends in her universe continue. Their soulmate bond continues to grow as do the parallels to the Doouglas and Fraser’s relationship. Alex knows that a true partner-relationship requires each to contribute, sacrifice, grow, listen, and try to understand the other. She is willing to allow Lauren to do and go wherever she needs to heal, as long as she is by Lauren’s side.

Best Lesbian - Fantasy & Paranormal Romance

The Cate Culpepper Award for Best Paranormal RomanceWinners:
1) C.A. Farlow A Quantum Uncertainty (Nexus Trilogy #2)Link: https://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/5194115.html

Best Lesbian Book: Runners Up:

10-tie) A Quantum Uncertainty (Nexus Trilogy #2) by C.A. Farlow

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