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Rae D. Magdon is a writer living and working in the state of Alaska. She has coauthored two books with Michelle Magly, All the Pretty Things and Dark Horizons. They are currently working on the sequel to Dark Horizons, Starless Night to be released in 2015. 

The first book in the Amendyr series The Second Sister, was published in March 2014 and was soon followed with Wolf's Eyes published in August 2014. The third book of the series, The Witch's Daughter will be released in April 2015. Wolf's Eyes and Dark Horizons were finalists in the 2014 Rainbow Awards SciFi/Fantasy category. 

She enjoys writing fantasy and science fiction, in addition to modern-day romances. When she is not writing original fiction, shewastes spends her time dabbling in unapologetically smutty romantic lesbian fanfiction. Her favorite fandoms are Law & Order: SVU and Mass Effect. In her free moments, which are few and far between, she enjoys spending time with Tory, her wonderful spouse, and their two cats.

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